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Sept. 2009
Asian Monsoon
Art Samel
Bowling Green University, Department of Geography
Thomas Cooper, The Walker School, Marietta. GA
Oct. 2009
Wind Energy

Mark Morrissey
University of Oklahoma, Department of Meteorology
Thomas Cooper, The Walker School, Marietta. GA
Nov. 2009
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Anya Butt
Director of Environmental Studies Division of Natural Sciences, Central College, Pella, Iowa

Dec. 2009
Soil Ecology

Rachel Thiet
Environmental Studies Department, Antioch University, New England

Jan. 2010
Great Apes
Michele Goldsmith
Southern New Hampshire University

Feb. 2010
Climate Change
Book Release
Dean Goodwin

Mar. 2010
Lumber Harvesting in Pacific N.W.
Rob Harrison
College of the Environment, University of Washington

Apr. 2010

May 2010

Jun. 2010
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Aug. 2010
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