1. When is the show?
The show is aired on the second Wednesday of each month from September through April at 8 pm EST. Because many of the presenters are teacher and research who are away for the summer, the show takes a hiatus during the months of May, June, July and August.

2. What do I need if I want to attend the show?
- You will need a high speed internet connection and a headset and microphone if you want to participate in the conservation. If you don't have a microphone, you can still participate in the chat room.

3. When should I log onto the show?
- You can log on to the show up to 15 minutes before the show begins. You should log in at least 3 minutes before the scheduled air time so that the host can have you test your microphone to make sure that it is working and that your volume is set at an appropriate level. Presenters and hosts should log in at least 15 minutes early so that the technical manager can make sure that everything is working before the show begins.

4. What is focus of the show?

- The show focuses on basic knowledge teachers and students should know about a topic and current research being done in the field. Presenters are typically PhD researchers from a university or research organization who are interested in having high school teachers and students help with their research. We will periodically be having shows on current research and opportunities for students and teachers to get involved; book releases of interest to teachers, labs and demonstrations, and technology in the classroom, such as GIS.

5. What is the general format of the show?
- The show is 60 minutes in length and presented in the following format:
Slide #1 - Introductions: Cover Slide Advertising Show Topic (1-2 minutes)
Slide #2 - Global Community: World Map asking people to show where they are from (2-3 minutes)
Slide #3 - Speaker Introduction: Location of University and location of current research, biographical high lights (2-3 minutes)
Slide #4 - Main Presentation: General information about the monthly topic (20 minutes)
Slide #5 - Main Presentation: High lights of current research being done by the presenter. (20 minutes)
Slide #6 - Environmental Resource of the Week (2-3 minutes)
Slide #7 - Closing Remarks (1-2 minutes)

6. Will the show be recorded?
- Yes. Each show will be recorded and a link will be posted on the "Archive" page.

7. Can I play the show for my students?
- Yes. But we encourage you to listen to the show before you play if for your students to make sure it is an appropriate level. Most shows are geared toward professional development for teachers who have master degrees in the subject.

8. What software is used to host the show?
- The show is presented in Elluminate. The online software allows for chat, video, audio, white board and desktop sharing. You can find out more information about Elluminate at - http://www.elluminate.com.

9. What are the roles of the three hosts?
- Each session includes a main presenter, a host, and a technical assistant. The presenter is typically a PhD research from a university. The host is a high school teacher who has worked with the presenter on their research. The host for that month works with the presenter to develop educational resources to compliment the presentation, such as a PowerPoint, lab or activity and a blog post (http://goapes.blogspot.com). The host will introduce the presenter and answer questions in the chat room during the presentation. The technical assistant (typically, Thomas Cooper, the manager of the room) will help participants with technical problems.